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Chinese Handicraft store offers the goods that all present the typical Chinese elements. Each of the products has carefully produced and can be the best personalized gifts for their special meanings. Buy Chinese gifts online you could benefit more!

New Products For July

Shadow Puppet - Queen
In the court of ancient China, the emperor uaually...
Shadow Puppet - The Queen Mother Of The West
In the Chinese folk story, there is a Heavenly Que...
Chinese Paper Cutting - Tiger
According to the Chinese tradition, 2010 is the ye...

Shadow Puppet - Green Snake Spirit
Green Snake Spirit is another leading role in the ...
Shadow Puppet - Xian Xu & White Snake Spirit
Both XuXian and White Snake Spirit are the role of...
Shadow Puppet - Yingying Cui & Sheng Zhang
YingYing Cui and Sheng Zhang are the roles of The ...

Shadow Puppet - Princess & ZhuangYuan
ZhuangYuan is the people who get the highest score...
Shadow Puppet - Female Role
There are four main types of characters in Shadow ...
Shadow Puppet - Matchmaker
Matchmaker in China occupies an important position...

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